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Modular Advantages
What are some of the advantages of Southern New England Modular Homes over stick built homes and other Modular Home manufacturers? Builders and homeowners have built Custom Homes throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island over the years and here's what they say.

1.Here's the SNEMH Advantage
Cost, quality and time. Everyone knows that time is money. Our streamlined assembly process cuts down on labor and material costs and delivers a consistently high quality product. They typically take about half the time to complete as a stick built home, saving the buyer significant interest on the construction loan. In order to travel from the factory to the site, more lumber and stronger construction methods are used. And finally, our quality engineering and modular construction techniques significantly increase the energy efficiency of your Modular Home, saving on heating and cooling costs for years to come.
2.The Cost for a modular home is generally lower than for a stick built home of comparable size.
Our production process is designed to save time and money at every step of the process - from the design phase to the interior finish work. While the foundation is being poured, the home is already being built in our factory - saving move-in time and loan interest. Since most of our work is in a controlled environment, we maximize efficiency while minimizing waste of materials.
3.Southern New England Modular Homes are built in a controlled environment
Our state-of-the-art assembly line building method insures quality and speed - minimizing the problems normally associated with weather, materials, and labor.

4.Easier way to stay on schedule
With more controls in place to minimize construction slowdowns, it's easier to stay on schedule, move in faster, and save money every step of the way
5.Endless variety of designs
You get to design the house that fits your needs, from lay-out to fixtures, you're in the drivers seat.

6.Financing is same as for stick built
When it comes to financing, banks treat Modular Home Construction loans the same way they treat stick built homes.
7.Southern New England Modular Homes delivers
Our goal is to give our customers the highest quality homes with the most professional and complete service in the industry. We don't just deliver homes, we deliver satisfaction.
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Why I build only modular! Meet Harry ....
Your in the process of investigating building a new modular home and we are happy to have you at our site.
Folks visit our office and ask "Why should we build modular" which we tell them can be answered several different ways. The most popular answer could be a faster build time. Why is modular faster you ask? Our home factory is a production plant utilizing a assembly line process for construction. The photo above shows the "Modular boxes" moving down the assembly line. At each station a different task is performed. Remember our method does not rely on a sunny day, or a handfull of craftsmen. Our homes are built entirely indoors employing 120 tradesman!, if one misses a day there are plenty to cover! Each production point has a supervisior and quality inspector watching each step and a plant forman watching the entire operation. Most manufacturing operations use the assembly line for speed, reliability and waste reduction. If you visit our factory the first thing you notice is nothing is wasted.

Materials are to expensive to fill dumpsters with items you paid for!. The factory using custom designed jigs and engineered drawings can incorporate "scrap" into a usefull item. As an example a 14" cut off from a rafter can be turned into a fireblock for a wall bay, or a floor joist trim can be used for block bridging between the joist. Talk about not wasting expensive material! Another advantage of modular that is often discussed is the time issue. Using the assembly line process translates into quicker turn around time which means less time your construction loan is accruing interest on your mortgage!
The other popular answer we give to the "Why Modular" question is "control of construction". One of our regular builders Harry Colonis Sr.
made a comment during construction that one of the reasons
he builds modular is the the ease at which a new home can be
designed and built using a limited number of people.
Modular building is a one stop shopping experience you
need not drive to kitchen centers, flooring stores, and
plumbing supply houses! The modular home includes cabinets,
countertops, bath fixtures and flooring! All which can be seen
right at our model home center without driving! Once the home
is on site "A small crew of one or two men can complete all
the button up work". What about the "Cost" word? With
all the benifits yes modular construction is less than site built.
Generally as a rule of thumb the savings can range from 10%
-15%. Remember when we compare modular and site built
the true cost difference is in the structure itself. The ground work which includes excavation, foundation, septic, and well is the same wether your building a modular or site built home! The  difference is what goes on the foundation, is it built in place or is it built in a factory and brought to the site.
Are there limitations that modular can offer? Yes modular construction is great for 90% of the home designs that are available however there are situations where it is not cost effective. Over width boxes which require special permitting, boxes with large open spans exceeding 24', and in some cases vaulted areas exceeding standard box dimensions can create problems. These are a few examples that are rare but must be considered. Most home designs can be designed into a modular layout and all the benifits of modular can be enjoyed!
Another great benifit of modular construction is energy efficiency of our homes. The modular process allows us to build our homes from the inside out! What does this allow you ask? We can insulate our wall cavities completly, we can complete plumbing with the required pipe insulation all in place!